The future of design at IxDA Atlanta

The Future of Design

Future of Design

Future of Design

I had the pleasure of listening to experienced designers speak about their thoughts on the future of web design at an IxDA Atlanta meetup held at Georgia Tech Conference Center, showcasing local design thought leaders giving their take on what the future holds for the role of design in business and our daily lives. Each presenter was given five minutes to convey their design future to the crowd.

The speakers were representatives from interaction design, user experience, information architecture and industrial design. Diane DeSeta – User Experience Strategist; Sean Gerety – Senior Engineer – User Experience Integrator; Kevin Shankwiler – Assistant Professor in Industrial Design/Digital Fabrication Lab, Georgia Tech and Vice Chair, IDSA Atlanta; Wengert Klemens – Senior User Experience Architect, Turner Broadcasting; Adam Bloom – Entrepeneur and Software Product Marketer; Joseph Dickson – User Experience Consultant and Author; Chris Livaudais – Senior Industrial Designer and Chair IDSA Atlanta; Ralph Lord – Senior UX Practitioner; Terry Allen – Director, Marketing and Design and UX Consultant.

Understanding how design works and its impact on people will allow you to think outside the box, if you want. Innovation is born there, at the moment you start thinking about making something. We have at our disposal endless feedback information to be used to better the user experience.

The speakers all had 5 minutes to give their opinion about design and the future of design. They covered such topics as:

Understanding people, understand our users
Design for variability (not just displays)
Businesses are designed
Design applies to everything
Self-expressed, artisanship, DIY – ie, the Harlem Shake
Humanization of things
Big Data, Big Feedback
Convergence of Art and Science
Brain Science and Decisioning
“Do not fear mistakes – there are none”, Miles Davis
Design and gratitude
Interaction with computers
We are designing the future
Displays will be everywhere
Bio Printing – Scotland’s stem cell secret and the ability to replicate any cell
How long can we live?
Design for the elderly
What if life was designed so that no one had to work?

It was a quick talk with great insight from professional designers. I hope to see more of this type of get together which allows the experts to offer their thoughts and ideas about the future of web design.