What is Responsive Web Design?

Modern web design has gone to a whole new level and thank goodness the look is all about simplicity. Designing a simple looking fluid website is not easy, but web developers have to catch this wave because it is now the future.  Gone are the days of the static websites that try hard to look to same in every browser.  They should look different in differing devices!

Why not have your site look great on a phone?  It doesn’t have to be too tiny to read.  Additionally, as more and more people use tablets – this is yet another easy-to-design-for device.  Keep the navigation down on these devices – this is a tested and a proven usability issue.  No one want to flail around navigation.  Keeping it simple has never looked so good.

Think in terms of a page layout built for tomorrow.  That is what a modern website developer does.  The developer creates a website that is optimized for each platform, both in navigation, readability and load time, a.k.a., the user experience.  The modern website is appealing because of how it functions and how simple it looks.  Simplicity is where it’s at right now because we are bombarded with information and keeping it simple is like a little zen for your site.

If you respect the process for progressive enhancement,  reach for building websites that offer a great user experience by ensuring websites have been built that can be responsive and scale to all various devices.  Your website should be built on a solid foundation of the newest, cleanest code which will ensure people can view your site in other languages and people with disabilities will be able to make any adjustments available to them, such as speech recognition and the ability to have websites read to them.  Technology has really come a long way for anyone who has a visual impairment, can’t type, or several other disabilities that are being overcome due to the latest code and technology.

Modern websites should be viewed in modern browsers for the best experience. Everyone should keep their browsers updated – it’s free and makes all the difference in the internet world.  Unfortunately, you have to buy Windows 7 which offers up the latest Internet Explorer, but it’s worth it.  If you can’t get that right now, Chrome, Firefox and many modern browsers are free and have great tools.  I recommend avoiding Internet Explorer 8 and below.  It’s just not that great of an experience and you don’t have to suffer! You just don’t!

Here’s looking to the future.  What’s next?