5 Questions to Ask Your SEO Provider


Here are 5 questions to ask your SEO provider to help you get what you are paying for.  If you have a website and include your email or phone number anywhere within the site, you will receive emails and phone calls from any number of companies offering this service.  It is big business right now.  Many of them are scams.  They make it sound very intriguing and like most scammers, promise you the world.

First, let’s get some of the terminology that SEO companies are using:

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS  – look at your competitors and where you rank on searches.
KEYWORD RESEARCH – what power words reference your business or service?
UNIQUE TITLES, DESCRIPTION, AND KEYWORD TAGS  – browsers look at titles of pages, articles, etc., description and meta tags and should have been built into the site from the beginning.
MANAGE KEYWORD DENSITY – measures the number of times a keyword or phrase appears within a page against the total number of words on that page and needs to be related to the products or services.
KEYWORD PROMINENCE – indicates how many significant keywords are used in titles, meta tags, or anywhere near the top of the page and should have been built into the site from the beginning.
KEYWORD FREQUENCY – measures the number of times a keyword or phrase appears within a web page but DENSITY matters because it also measures frequency but also as it appears within the other content on the page.
LINKING – usually links that are internal to your site like anchor tags and should have been built into the site from the beginning.  Also includes submitting your site to the browsers and perhaps some directories.

These are great terms and certainly need to be understood if you have a website.  If you built your own website, you should consider using a service or any number of optimizers that are out there.  If a professional built your site, they should already be aware of how content, meta tags, conscientious linking and keywords work, and also know that your site’s code should be validated and submitted to the browsers – then you will be truly optimized.

1.  What does the SEO package include?

Consultation:  The provider should ask you questions about your business and get to know your website.  They should ask about your target customer, target market, locations, etc.

Keyword Research:  What keywords are your target customers asking a search engine to find?  Website should contain these keywords not only in meta tags, but should be written within the content of your website.

Content:  A good SEO content writer will write content not only to appeal to search engines,  but makes sense to your visitors.

Link Building:  Your site needs to be submitted to directories and added to the growing number of business profile sites which have a description and link to your website.

Reporting and Tracking:  You should receive some kind of report where you see traffic results, search engine rankings, etc.

2.  When will I see the results?

Search engines must crawl your site – and thousands others – to determine what each site is about.  It may takes three to six months.  If someone tells you they can do this within days or weeks, this is a red flag.  They are either very inexperienced, scamming, or may be using “black hat” methods that could result in your site getting banned from the Google index and not rank at all in other search engines.    Ranking reports should be sent to you on a regular basis.

4.  What SEO techniques do you use?

Honesty is always the best policy.  SEO techniques should be transparent, focused on content that is engaging and informative to readers.

5.  What is your experience?

Websites should be designed and built with a focus on all of the above right from the beginning.  A professional Designer or Developer with a few years of experience should have a total understanding of the issues mentioned in this article.

Christina Descalzo
Web Design and Development